Tax Buyer Information

Every county handles property tax sales differently. In Winnebago County, Illinois we hold an annual tax sale of parcels that are not paid after the second installment of property taxes. The sale is typically held the last Monday in October. We sell taxes, not property. The sale is similar to a reverse auction. Registered tax buyers bid a percentage rate with a cap at 18%. The caller accepts the lowest bid to win. The homeowner has a period of 2½ years to redeem (buy back) their taxes. Registered tax buyers make a profit from the interest earned. The interest earned depends on the length of time it takes for the homeowner to redeem their taxes.

In order to place a bid at the sale you must be a registered tax buyer. There is a $500.00 registration fee. This amount is applied towards taxes purchased. The list of delinquent taxes is an additional $150.00. As a tax buyer you are responsible for educating yourself on tax buying. We cannot and do not provide legal answers to your tax buying questions. You may want to contact the Winnebago County Bar Association at 815/964-5152, and request a referral to an attorney who concentrates in real estate.

You may contact our office after the second installment due date for a registration form. The $500.00 registration fee and the $150.00 (payable by check or cash) for the delinquent list is due when you turn in your registration. Our office will notify registered tax buyers when the first list is available.